Take a look at our bottle.

 Above our logo, you will see all the essential ingredients that make Rhino Rush.  If you’re a veteran to the shot drinking game, you know that energy shots are more than just caffeine. For newcomers – howdy! We’re going over all the things that make Rhino Rush top notch. 

What is Choline?

Choline is an essential nutrient found in your body naturally (shocking!) and in meats such as poultry, eggs, beef, and even fish.  You could even find Choline in soy milk, tofu, and quinoa, which is helpful for anyone who is vegan or vegetarian.

Your liver makes choline naturally. But like pretty much every other nutrient on the planet, you gotta get some extra nutrients from food to avoid deficiency. Choline acts as a building block for the structures of cell membranes and by removing cholesterol from your liver.  It also a parent nutrient to acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter that helps promote a healthy nervous system. This nutrient plays a role in regulating heartbeat, muscle movement, and memory. 

Choline in Rhino Rush

We specialize in formulation. Adding choline to an energy shot helps you feel more focused which can help you get through that low power hour (yanno how tired you get after lunch) or before you head to the gym.



Here’s the deal; energy products, like this one, are not designed for children, people who are sensitive to caffeine, pregnant or nursing mothers. nothing is worth hurting your body over so don’t take more than you can handle, and only you and a Licensed Healthcare Professional (who we insist you consult before taking this, or ANY, energy supplement), can decide how much that is. If you have an underlying medical condition, and your body gives out, we will be really sad, but we ain’t yo mama and you’ve been warned! So don’t make us sad, and please get the approval of your healthcare provider before getting all hopped up on our products.