About US

RHINO RUSH is an energy supplement company based in Boise, Idaho. The company started back in 2011 with our ephedra powered herbal stimulant based shot and we have since added our non-ephedra nootropic shot. Since the start of Rhino Rush, we have serviced over 70,000 convenient and grocery stores across the country.

In 2019 Rhino Rush was taken over by the manufacturer and moved to Texas. After operating there for 2 years, one of the original sales members, that helped build the brand from the ground up, was able to partner with some other Boise locals to purchase the brand and bring it back to Idaho!

With the launch of our non-ephedra nootropic, we have committed a portion of our sale to the VEA (Veterans Entrepreneur Alliance). The mission of the VEA is to help veterans reconnect and find success through entrepreneurship. Their vision is to reach across the United States to educate entrepreneur veterans in business practices, learn how to launch well and scale up, and connect with other veterans and the business community.

Clear head… focus… mood boost… alertness… BOOM! Productivity.

Not enough? OK! Our shot is made with the safest ingredients and has been tested against all banned substances for sport and military. 

So whether you’re working on your computer, or competing in the Olympics, you can get more done with Rhino Rush. With Rhino Rush Energy Shots, we hope to provide a tool to bless people’s lives so they can further bless the lives of others.