About US

RHINO RUSH is an energy supplement company based in Plano, Texas. We are proud to be a Service Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated company offering Texas Made products. You can find Rhino Rush products in over 25,000 stores in the United States and we are adding thousands more every week. 

You asked, and we answered. You wanted more from your energy shot. You wanted it to not only work better but to taste better too. We got you!

We got you one more and made sure to offer you a smooth ride through the Rhino Rush experience. The last thing you need is a huge energy crash in the afternoon! We are here to help you stay productive throughout your day.

CHOLINE – Clears and focuses a foggy mind.

AGMATINE – Lifts your mood.

CAFFEINE – Does what caffeine does.

ELECTROLYTES – Ties it all together for fast absorption (and when you add a shot to your water, can enhance your hydration experience.) 

Clear head… focus… mood boost… alertness… BOOM! Productivity.

Not enough? OK! Our shot is made with the safest ingredients and is certified INFORMED CHOICE: trusted by sport. 

So whether you’re working on your computer, or competing in the Olympics, you can get more done with Rhino Rush. With Rhino Rush Energy Shots, we hope to provide a tool to bless people’s lives so they can further bless the lives of others.