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Rhino Rush Energy Pops “Recipe”

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In Case You Didn’t Notice

It’s Summer!


It’s hot outside so one of our team members briefly told us how he makes freezer pops out of our beloved energy shots.


So, of course Brett and Kade decided they should make a cooking show as if they had done it a million times. (p.s. it was an absolute disaster so we decided to make it more of an instructional than a show…)


So, Here are your step by step instructions… Based off of what I saw. Good Luck!

Step 1.

Collect the Following.

  1. Your favorite flavor(s) of Rhino Rush Energy Shots (1/2 shot per popsicle)

  2. Whatever flavor of “sports drink” you think would mix well with your Rush.

  3. Freezer pop bags – We used Zipzicle Zip Tops.

  4. A funnel would be a good idea – We didn’t use one but really wished we had.

Step 2.

Examine the zip top bag and decide if you are the man (or woman) for this job. Be honest with yourself.

Step 3.

Try to pour one serving of Rhino Rush into the zip top bag.

(P.S. that’s 1/2 a shot for those of you that completely ignore this fact…you know who you are).

Step 4.

Take a moment to stop and think about how much fun you’re having and how you really do have some wonderful friends.

Step 5.

Try and pour your selected sports drink flavor INTO THE BAG up to the fill line.

If there’s no fill line just fill it to like 3/4″ form the top.

Step 6.

Okay calm down, You still need to freeze them.

Put them in the freezer and leave them in there…until they are frozen.

Step 7.

Take the Pops out and at least “try” and keep you cool when you try them.

This might be the hardest step. They are really…really good.

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