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Okay, let’s face it.

None of us have time to run around actually becoming a legend the old school way. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be seen as one to those in your immediate presence. Follow these easy steps and you will know what it feels like to earn the title of “Legendary.”Even if it may be for just a moment or two.

1. Have 3 quotes that can be used in almost any problematic situation.

(this make you worldly, deep and insightful)

(Hint: These are best used in scenarios when you actually just want to walk away without seeming like a jerk. Here’s an example.)


-Friend – “I don’ know, I just feel so misunderstood these days. I could really use a good friend right now”

-You (wondering to yourself if you have any frozen burritos left at home)

-Friend – “Do you ever feel that way? Like the people around you just don’t try and connect with you anymore?”

-You (have concluded that you do have frozen burritos at home)

-Friend – “Are you listening to me? Why are you making that face?”

-You – “You know, sometimes you have to look through the rain to see the rainbow…” (walks away immediately, mere minutes away from molten hot deliciousness)

-Friend (Can only be reflecting on how profound you are. LEGENDARY!)

2. Be able to play 15 seconds of a song on any instrument.

(mysterious, talented and humble)



-Wait till there is a good sized group around.

-Casually pick up said instrument and observe as reminiscently.

-Hold it as if you could begin to play at any moment to build anticipation and audience.

-Play your 15 seconds impeccably and stop in you tracks. (It’s VERY important this appears you stopped on purpose. Not because you don’t know any more.)

-Smile at the instrument and set it down. NEVER BE SEEN TOUCHING IT AGAIN.

-End with saying to yourself but loud enough to be heard “That was another life.”

-Respond to any questions or requests to play again with “That’s not me any more” and walk away.


Always Have Gum

(trust me on this one)

4. Never tell anyone what you’re actually doing when you’re not with them.

(mysterious, important and possibly dangerous)


This one is simple. Just be as vague as possible at all cost.

“I’m taking care of some things. I’ll come by later if I have time”

Translation – I’m playing C.O.D. in my underwear for the next undetermined amount of time.

5. Have a few bits of random knowledge.

(intelligent with a deep understanding of the world)

(Hint: Most importantly, place yourself and others in situations in which you can RELEVANTLY deliver the information.)


The Setup:

Plan a trip out into the woods.

Offer to drive.

Only put enough gas in your car to get deep into the woods, far enough to be in a survival situation.

Once the starvation sets in, catch a fly.

Give the fly to a friend to eat.

And… here it is… tell everyone “A pound of flies actually contains more protein that a pound of beef”



Die in an AWESOME way.

(so you won’t be around to enjoy the glory but this one is sure fire)

7. Never stay in one place for very long.

(mysterious and important)

(Look, it won’t be long before you say or do something that will certainly compromise your legendary status from that moment on. Get out of any social scenario BEFORE this happens)  [refer to #4] 


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